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Located in the north-west of the Massif Central, and part of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region since 2016, Limousin was previously an administrative region. Its history and culture are well known, with three distinct entities: Corrèze, Creuse and Haute-Vienne. Its name comes from the Gallic tribe the Lemovices, people of Central Europe who settled there, after that it has undergone the Roman influence after the Julius Caesar conquest in the 1st century BC. After the invasion by the Visigoths Germanic peoples in the 3rd century, the Franks gained control over it in the 6th century. The crown eventually had the upper hand over the Viscounts of the Anjou-Plantagenet House.

Its traditions are agricultural (livestock and forestry) and industrial. The Limousin is nicknamed the "water tower", because of the many rivers that cross it and emanate from it: Dordogne, Vienne, Corrèze, Vézère, Auvézère, Creuse, Gartempe, Briance, Petite Creuse, Diège, Luzège, Isle, Dronne, Cher, Maulde, Taurion, Charente ... It also has many lakes: Vassivière, Saint-Pardoux, Bort-les-Orgues, Lavaud-Gelade, Lavaud. Being part of the Massif Central shows the age of the relief, which dates back to the primary era, and allowed the exploitation of minerals and coal. The landscapes are therefore characteristic of altitude, water and the ocean. In other words, you will not be bored, nature being particularly rich. You will be charmed by the groves and semi-groves, coniferous forests, arid landscapes of granite and limestone, lakes and rivers, peat bogs (Longéroux, Dauges). You will see the last otters of France, game, migratory birds, such as cranes ... A focus on two ways to make your stay in Limousin successful: enjoy the great lakes and visit the department of Corrèze.

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France > Limousin


Limousin, the country of the great lakes

A water tower surrounded by lakes and ponds, rivers and streams, the Limousin is a rich region, that you will appreciate while strolling along the forests, peat bogs and water. Vassivière, an artificial lake created in 1950, is one of the largest lakes, with a dimension of 1000 ha and 45 km of shores. You can walk there or ride a bike, enjoy the 8 existing beaches, see the pine forests, beech, birches, enjoy the sailing resorts, boarding, canoeing, water skiing, harras and other sports clubs. And of course, you can learn about local art and eat at restaurants near the lake. Saint-Pardoux, another big lake, also offers 3 beaches, trails of discovery, many sporting activities, notorious ecosystems, between dry moors, meadows and forests (which shelter the black kites and ospreys) and places to visit such as the botanical garden and the old wash house. In Causse, you will discover a haven of peace, between green and blue, and charming villages where you can taste truffles.

Visit the Department of Corrèze

Corrèze has a remarkable and protected natural heritage. Take advantage of the Millevaches Regional Nature Park, the moors, the gorges, the forests, the mountains, the lakes and the valleys. Villages full of character will seduce you with their authenticity, as well as the sound of accordions in Tulle.

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