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A camping holiday in Maine et Loire with Airotel

Do you have a great need to relax after the stress of the New Year and preparations and many family reunions? What better than a stay away from everything, close to nature? Then visit Maine-et-Loire, a beautiful department of the Pays de Loire region. Crossed by the Loire, it is one of the best drained departments of France. Enough to immerse yourself in the green nature, for a return to serenity and calm. It's also a good opportunity to see its important biodiversity. And besides, for small budgets, what better than a camping stay? With Airotel, it's done! Enjoy comfortable and luxurious campsites without the the stress of hurting your bank account. Back to the Loire, this beautiful river, and the unmissable destinations of the Pays de Loire.

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A holiday near the Loire

The majesty of the Loire is recognized worldwide, UNESCO has registered it in its world heritage. Stretching over 130 km, it is the longest river in France. Of course, the landscapes that surround it change along the water: forests, plains, lagoons, islets, vineyards, hills ... In the department of Maine, it begins its course in Montsoreau, through the gates of Touraine, to finish at Chalonnes-sur-Loire, where it finally flows into the Atlantic. But the real source of the Loire, this majestic and royal river, lies in the Central Massif, on the southern slopes of Mount Gerbier-de-Jonc, in Ardèche. Its total length is 1006 km. Preserved and protected, it is the favorite habitat of many species resulting in a splendid flora and fauna. Migratory birds, plants, aquatic and terrestrial animal species thrive there. In addition to its natural wealth, the Loire also has diverse cultures along its river. Different trades exist: fishermen, sailors, townspeople, nobles, clergy and farmers. Whether you want to admire the Loire on water or on land, you will be amazed by the landscapes that surround it.

The must-see places of the Val de Loire

The Loire, besides its natural beauty that we encourage you to closely see, it also has some exceptional sites, whose history is tied to that of France. Four castles classified as "great heritage sites" that will impress you with their grandeur are a must-see: the castles of Angers, Saumur, Brézé and Brissac. Starting from 9 € you can enjoy the beautiful castle of Angers. A fortress of the 13th century, with 17 towers, moats and drawbridge, it will not fail to impress you, as well as its famous medieval tapestry of the Apocalypse. Like its predecessor, the Château de Saumur was once the residence of the Dukes of Anjou. Since the 20th century, it hosts the ancient Decorative Arts in its municipal museum. Why not get lost in the meanders of the castle of Breze, by going through its troglodyte undergrounds. Discover the mysteries of this castle built in the 11th century. Brissac is the tallest castle in France, offering a magnificent view of the surroundings, including its beautiful gardens. You can also admire its Belle Epoque theater and its 16th century chapel.

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