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Camping in Pays de la Loire: a privileged destination

Just the name makes you dream: Pays de la Loire. You probably think of the castles of the Loire, these majestic mansions of the altitudes of the past, gardens as beautiful as the palaces they adorn. Or perhaps in the Loire, this majestic river, surrounded by landscapes always different and yet so beautiful. Without forgetting the rich history of the department which saw the sovereigns succeed one another, the society change, and the institutions reform. You also think about the amount of knowledge that you can acquire, not in books but in life: from the castle life to that of the fishermen, from the aquatic fauna and flora to those of the meadows, trades and communities so different and yet so close throughout history, and the history of revolts and successive political changes, between Republicans and revolutionaries, in short the history of a country. Whatever your desires, you can satiate them in this beautiful space. Rendezvous in the Vendée, Loire-Atlantique or Maine-et-Loire, for historic, cultural, sports, natural or relaxed holidays. And of course, because the castle life is not for everyone and comfort is, Airotel campsites are at your disposal.

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France > Pays de la Loire


Vendée> Saint Jean de Monts

Vendée is a deeply wild department, at the heart of many conflicts, between monarchists and republicans, supporters of the church and secularism. It is also a department of water, between the Atlantic which borders it, and the eponymous river which crosses it. Also known as the "Côte de Lumière", Vendée also seduces because of its strong sunshine. One of the top destinations for camping is Saint-Jean-de-Monts. You will be able to taste the natural life, the local flavors by browsing the different markets of local producers, navigate the marsh by canoe, contemplate the coastline from the esplanade of the Sea or walk there, contemplate the forest from the Belvedere, you can have fun with your loved ones by strolling down the Avenue de la Mer, partake in sand yachting at the Nautical Base, visit the Milcendeau Museum, practice golf and contemplate the wild and beautiful nature at Golf de Saint Jean.

Loire Atlantique> La Baule, Pornic and Guérande

Between Loire and the Atlantic Ocean, you will be surrounded by water. As a department at low altitude, it is ideal for hiking and cycling. Do not hesitate to visit its different spaces: the Bocage Angevin, agricultural and forest natural region, the hills to the south of the department, and the Sillon de Bretagne in the north-west, also composed of hills. And of course enjoy more than 130 km of coastline along the coast: La Côte d'Amour in the North and the Jade Coast in the south of the estuary. Among other key destinations, do not hesitate to visit Guérande, La Baule and Pornic. Salt marshes, harbor and seaside resort await you.

Maine et Loire> Saumur, the castles of the Loire

Maine-et-Loire has a remarkable landscape variety, linked to its varied relief and its notable drainage (4500 km of watercourse). Its biodiversity is also noteworthy, because of the birds' migratory flows. To learn more about its history, go to Saumur and visit its megalithic sites and castle. If you love castles, take a trip to Angers, Baugé, Neuville, Brézé...

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